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Sid Wainer & Son is the premier produce and specialty foods company in the food industry and the first HACCP certified produce company in North America.

We are an importer and exporter, as well as a national and international distributor of specialty produce and foods. At our Jansal Valley® Farm, which was the first farm in Massachusetts to be G. A. P. Certified by the Department of Agriculture, and Jansal Valley® Greenhouse, we produce and experiment with unique or highly perishable products that would otherwise have to be flown in from other climates. By growing the products locally, shelf-life was extended, the local economy supported, and the carbon footprint decreased. The process of growing offseason and bettering quality and yield was always experimental. Now much of the greenhouse is exclusively dedicated to test cropping micro greens, living lettuces, pea greens, and anything else changing food trends demand.

Our award-winning produce is the result of a century of experience coupled with a passion for food and an uncompromising dedication to quality and customer service. We have been recognized by the President of the United States, as well as the Secretary and Under Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture, for our success and industry leadership.