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Our Commitment:  Energy Savings. The Environment.  Sustainability.

Sid Wainer & Son is committed to being a green, sustainable company by doing everything in our power to protect the environment.  This includes:

  • A nearly 50% decrease in annual electricity usage through energy-saving lamps. That’s equal to 50 night games at Fenway Park or electricity for 120,000 homes per year electric.
  • A recycling conservation program and transition to paperless that saves 850,000 trees per year, removing millions of pounds of pollutants from the air each year.
  • The replacement of hundreds of thousands of boxes with reusable totes in our “Sid Wainer & Son Going Green Facility” saves over three million gallons of water every year.
  • A commitment to reducing solid waste production as well as saving thousands of yards of landfill waste.
  • The introduction of a complete energy efficient water filtration system which replaces thousands of bottles of water and eliminates their disposal when slated for a landfill.
  • The purchase of hundreds of trailers of produce from local farms – a program which continues to grow over several generations.
  • An established, rigid “Vehicle Idling Reduction Strategies” protocol to reduce idling time of our truck fleet by 36% and fuel consumption by over 33,000 gallons per year.
  • The successful conversion of a brownfield to the first inner city working agricultural farm in the Northeast, which has resulted in the creation of spectacular greenhouses yielding beautiful local harvests year round.
  • The creation of our own 50 acre farm, which has allowed us to grow hundreds of varieties of crops annually. We evaluate the plants based on variety and yield and once a crop is deemed successful, we then pass the information onto other local farmers in our region to grow for us. We educate farmers locally to grow high value crops that will give them the best return for their efforts per acre. We help them to source seeds and choose crops that will bring them the optimal return for their investment and their hard work. This is a true preservation of open space and sustainability.

We helped organize the organic movement in the United States and were partially responsible for sourcing heirloom varieties of seeds from various parts of the world.