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Slow Food

Sid Wainer & Son is allied with Slow Food International, which has had a resounding effect throughout the world. Slow Food, started in Italy in 1986, is as an international movement to preserve cultural cuisine, and to draw the connection between gastronomical pleasures and the health of the planet. It is concerned with environmental sustainability while taking a stand against "industrialized eating". For years, Sid Wainer & Son has represented the goals of the Slow Food Movement with its own Jansal Valley Farms working to improve methods of farming and harvesting and offering these methods to farms both locally and throughout the country.  Sid Wainer & Son’s own international kitchens have hosted hundreds of chefs from around the world to promote Slow Food and sustainable agriculture.  Regular meetings throughout the year are aimed at educating children and adults alike on the value and benefit of Slow Food. The University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy hosted Dr. Henry B. Wainer, President of Sid Wainer & Son, to form plans for their mutual involvement in furthering what is clearly destined to be the most significant change in the culinary habits of people throughout the world.

We have been recognized by the President of the United States and major media outlets for our product introductions, innovations, expertise, and industry leadership.