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Mango Horchata Rice Pudding

Recipe type: Dessert



1 cup
Mango Puree (fresh)
Egg Yolks
3 cups
Arborio Rice
4 cups
Almond Milk
3 cups
Whole Milk
1 1⁄2 cup
4 teaspoons
Vanilla Extract
Mango (large, diced)
3⁄4 cups
Raw Sliced Almonds
2 teaspoons
Ground Cinnamon


In a medium metal or glass bowl, whisk mango puree and egg yolks and then set aside. Simmer rice, both milks, sugar, and vanilla in large pot over low heat, stirring constantly. After about 30 minutes, when the rice has reached the desired consistency, begin to temper the eggs. For a smoother consistency, cook rice for 5 to 7 minutes more. To temper the eggs, spoon the rice mixture one quarter cup at a time into the egg mixture, while whisking constantly. When half of the rice has been mixed, pour the tempered egg mixture back into the pot and mix in the diced mango. Sprinkle half of the almonds and cinnamon and stir to incorporate. Remove from heat and place rice in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours, until slightly colder than room temperature. Top with remaining almonds and cinnamon, serve, and enjoy!