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Domaine de Provence® White Harissa Paste

12/270 g
SKU: 201150

The south of France is where our Domaine de Provence® Harissa Paste is made. Our producer grows their spicy peppers on their sun drenched family farm. Immediately after harvest, these small peppers are ground along with fresh garlic, spices and salt. Our farmer works quickly after the harvest to capture the fresh flavors of these ingredients and that is evident once you taste this amazing Harissa. Unlike many commercially produced harissa pastes, Domaine de Provence Harissa Paste has many dimensions of flavor in addition to the heat of the chili. You innately taste the aromatic spices and then the flavor and heat of the chili that lingers on your palate. Available in both red, as well as white, these superb condiments are sure to spice up any menu.