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Fondo di Toscana® Sweet and Tender Baby Cocktail Artichokes

2 kilo
SKU: 100140-BC

Fondo di Toscana® Sweet & Tender Baby Cocktail Artichokes represent the premier selection of the finest baby artichokes available in Italy. These artichokes are harvested twice a year, in mid spring and mid autumn and are the first pick of each crop. Once the artichoke starts to bud they are watched very closely to ensure that the fruit is harvest at the optimal size. They are picked at this size to ensure optimal flavor and texture. After harvest they are packed in oil with hand cut fresh herbs and a small amount of vinegar. These amazing artichoke hearts can be used as a part of antipasto platters, salads, risottos, or deep fried to add a delicate crunch to the tender leaves. They also make an excellent savory accompaniment to cheese boards. After tasting this outstanding product you will find that the possibilities are endless for these superb baby artichokes. There are approximately 160 artichoke hearts per 4.4 lb tray.