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Jansal Valley® Quinoa Granola with Chocolate and Huckleberries

8 oz.
SKU: 325140-BC

Puffed quinoa, an excellent source of protein, forms the basis of this granola. Sweet blueberries and huckleberries pair with heavenly dark chocolate for a delightful array of ambrosial flavors. Made with all natural ingredients, this product provides iron, fiber, and Omega-3s. Our Jansal Valley® Quinoa Granola is a healthy alternative to snacks like cookies or chips because it has plenty of taste without any of those undesirable ingredients. Mix into your morning yogurt for a pleasant crunch, try as a snack right out of the bag in the afternoon, or sprinkle on top of ice cream in the evening. Jansal Valley® Granola with Chocolate and Huckleberries is perfect at any time!