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Sid Wainer & Son® Pride of America Cheese Selection

10 lb.
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Pride of America Cheese Selection, Serves 32, 2.5 oz portions

Bursting with unrivaled flavors and American pride is our Pride of America Cheese Selection. American artisans employ the old-world cheesemaking techniques of France and England to create handcrafted regional products of superb quality and freshness.

L'essence du Fromage® New England Cheddar, 2 x 8 oz. Wheels - Great pride is taken in handcrafting our award-winning L'essence du Fromage® New England Cheddar, Aged 2 Years. Our producer uses their 100 years of family tradition to produce our local, all-natural 2-year aged raw milk cheddar.

L'essence du Fromage® Gruyere Cheese, 1/4 Wheel Cut, 2 lbs. average - Our Gruyère is made according to time-honored techniques that date back to the 12th century. It is produced in custom made Swiss copper vats with the freshest and highest quality pasteurized cow's milk. It is cellar-aged for nine months, giving it its critically-acclaimed, robust flavor. The flavors are complex, nutty, and earthy with fruity undertones. A winner every time.

L'essence du Fromage® Rouge Affinee, 2 x 5 oz. Wheels - Produced exclusively for Sid Wainer and Son®, this cheese is made from pasteurized whole milk from Jersey and Holstein cows. Soft and creamy with buttery overtones which give way to a complex, spicy tone, it is artisanally produced in America. Hand-ladled to create its size and shape, its natural rind has a rouge blush with a slight hazing.

Southcoast Farms Chevre Chocolate, 2 x 5 oz. - This cheese is produced locally for Sid Wainer & Son® by our artisan cheese producer. This amazing cheese is made using pasteurized unripened goat's milk cheese and imported dark chocolate. This cheese works great on a cheeseboard alongside other cheeses or as a dessert course with fresh berries.

Southcoast Farms Roquefort Crusted Cow's Milk Cheese, 2 x 5 oz. Wheels - This truly extraordinary cheese is made with 100% pure pasteurized Ayrshire cow's milk and crusted with Roquefort. It is aged for two weeks to develop its spicy rind. A camembert-style, soft and creamy cheese that is unique and delicious in every way.