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Jansal Valley® Korean Clay Pot Aged Chili Paste

500 grams
SKU: 143250-BC

Our Korean clay pot aged chili paste is produced in a small town in which many of the locals say eating this chili paste regularly keeps the body healthy. The process of making the chili paste starts with locally grown hot peppers that are harvested, dried and then ground into a powder. The powder is mixed with aged soybeans, rice, salt and water to form a paste. It is then poured into the clay pots called, onggi, which means, breathing earthenware. It thickens and the flavors concentrate. There are other chili pastes on the market that may appear similar, but the difference is the amount of care and pride that goes into ours. Instead of aging the paste, other producers mix flour and capsaicin extract after mixing all the ingredients to mimic the aging process. The result is an artificial red color, chalky texture and an unpleasant spicy burn. To enjoy the bright spicy flavor of the chili paste, add towards the end of cooking. The spiciness will lessen with cooking time, so to make a less spicy dish add at the beginning of the cooking process.