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Sid Wainer & Son® International Cheese Selection

18.67 lb.
SKU: 220500

International Cheese Selection, Serves 72, 2.5 oz portions

Travel the world by tasting each of our six distinctive cheeses. This collection boasts cow, sheep, and goats' milk cheeses from all over the globe. Taste the vast array of flavors and textures that represent the best cheesemaking regions in the world.

L'essence du Fromage® Alexandra Manchego Cheese (Spain), 1/4 Wheel Cut, approx. 2 lbs. - Manchego is Spain's most desirable cheese. Produced in La Mancha, Spain, our D.O.P. Manchego cheese is made only from raw Manchega sheep's milk. This cheese is a richly flavored, semi-firm paste cheese that is aged eight months in natural caves. It is creamy, nutty and slightly piquant and has a distinct thin rind with a herringbone design.

Kilchurn Estate® Traditional Cave Aged Cheddar (England), 4 lbs. Cut to Order - Traditional Cave Aged Cheddar is made in the region of England that developed the first authentic cheddar. This cheese is made using pasteurized cow's milk and is cave aged for at least 15 months in caves that are centuries old. During the first three months of affinage.

Jansal Valley® Blue Crusted Goat Cheese (USA), 2 x 8 oz. Wheel - Handmade in small batches fresh for Sid Wainer & Son®, this cheese is made using pasteurized goat's milk and cured for two weeks. This artisanal cheese is the perfect blend of spicy blue mold and creamy fresh goat's milk. Jansal Valley® Blue Crusted Goat Cheese ripens from the outside in. The paste just under the blue green crust becomes soft as the middle of the cheese stays firm and creamy.

Fondo di Toscana® Truffle Cheese (Italy), 2 x 12 oz. Wheels - This is a traditional pasteurized sheep and cow's milk cheese studded with pieces of spring black truffles. It is flavored with a touch of salt and then aged for 20 days. This cheese is soft in texture and has an unmistakable fresh mushroom flavor. Most Italian families serve this cheese warm on toasted bread to enhance the flavor of the truffles.

L'essence du Fromage® Coulommiers (France), 17 oz. Wheel - The recipe for Coulommiers dates back to the turn of the 19th century. L'essence du Fromage Coulommiers® is produced for Sid Wainer & Son® in the Seine-et-Marne department of France. This lesser known cousin of Brie is known for traditionally being smaller (but a bit taller) than most Bries. Coulommiers is made using pasteurized cow's milk and aged for two weeks. Coulommiers has a thick, creamy texture with a rich, buttery flavor when fully ripe.

L'essence du Fromage® Danish Blue Cheese (Denmark), 1/4 Wheel Cut, approx. 2 lbs. - This remarkable cheese produced in the eastern most region of Denmark, made from pasteurized cow's milk and aged five to six weeks. It is perfect for crumbling on your favorite salad. This cheese has greenish blue veins throughout and possesses a mild, yet tangy blue cheese flavor.