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Jansal Valley® Ginger & Habanero Chili Sauce

16 oz.
SKU: 320530-BC

This sauce uses fresh ginger, carrots, garlic and habanero chilies to produce its potent flavor. Incorporate into a fried chicken recipe. Add a kick to homemade ketchups and mustards. You can even use it to flavor vinegar and make homemade “quick-pickles.” Try in dressings, marinades, or an Asian hot wing recipe. Spice up tofu, tuna, or egg salad with this sauce’s full and satisfying flavors.

Our artisanal producer uses fresh, seasonal produce to create “micro-batches” of these outstanding chili sauces. These classic Sriracha-style chili sauces are sweetened with a touch of honey and cane sugar to deliver a unique flavor profile and sophisticated taste. Use these condiments to add a sweet spice to your cuisine. Mix the sauce with mayonnaise, sour cream, or butter to soften the intensity of the heat and then add to burgers, sandwiches, and pasta salads. The sweet flavor and fiery tingle will have you adding these to everything from remoulades to deviled eggs, garlic breads, and more.  Try all three varieties!