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Sid Wainer & Son® European Cheese Collection

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European Cheese Collection, Serves 24, 2.5 oz portions

We have chosen the finest European cheeses to represent our European Cheese Collection. Each cheese differs so greatly from the other, yet all pair perfectly together on a cheeseboard to represent the finest cheesemaking regions of Europe.

Fondo di Toscana® Truffle Cheese, 12 oz. - This traditional pasteurized sheep and cow's milk cheese studded with pieces of spring black truffles. It is flavored with a touch of salt and then aged for 20 days. This cheese is soft in texture and has an unmistakable fresh mushroom flavor. Most Italian families serve this cheese warm on toasted bread to enhance the flavor of the truffles.

Fondo di Toscana® Pecorino with Walnuts, 10 oz. - This cheese is aged 20 days in humid Italian cellars. It is made with pasteurized sheep's milk from carefully tended ewes. It is a semi-soft cheese, whiter in color due to its aging process. It has a creamier texture and mild flavor. Walnuts are added in final preparation to give it a nutty taste.

Fondo di Toscana® Fresh Pecorino, 16 oz. - This cheese is made from fresh pasteurized sheep's milk exclusively for Sid Wainer & Son®, in Tuscany. This mild, creamy, firm paste cheese is perfect when paired with fresh fruit and a drizzle of one of our honeys. Pecorino translates to "little sheep" in Italian. This Pecorino is made using pasteurized ewe's milk and is cured for 45 days.

L'essence du Fromage® Delice Crème au Raisin, 8 oz. - This cheese is especially creamy and sweet. From the Burgundy region of France, this triple cream cheese is artisanally handcrafted with sweet pasteurized cow's milk. The raisins are soaked in Marc, a residue that is left after pressing grapes to make Burgundy wine. The sweetness of this fresh cheese with raisins is absolutely divine!

L'essence du Fromage® Comte, 16 oz. - Our artisanal Comte guarantees strict and rigorous verification of its origins and production methods from a particular region of France situated in the Jura Mountain Range. Our 100% natural Comte is produced from raw Montbeliarde cow's milk. The flavor profile of this cheese is mild, slightly sweet and nutty. This cheese is aged for 12 months, creating a natural rind and a pale yellow color and creamy texture.

Domaine de Provence® Stoned Wheat Crackers, 8.8 oz. - Stoned wheat from the world's leading farms make these delicious crackers the perfect accompaniment to this cheese collection.