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Sid Wainer & Son® Blue Cheese Collection

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Blue Cheese Collection, Serves 32, 2.5 oz portions

Our Blue Cheese Collection is perfect for the adventurous cheese lover. The collection contains blues ranging from mild in taste to ones with intense, piquant flavors. With a range of textures and flavors, each cheese is unique and different from the next.

L'essence du Fromage® Danish Blue Cheese 16 oz. - This remarkable cheese produced in the eastern most region of Denmark, made from pasteurized cow's milk and aged five to six weeks. It is perfect for crumbling on your favorite salad. This cheese has greenish blue veins throughout and possesses a mild, yet tangy blue cheese flavor.

L'essence du Fromage® Roquefort, 16 oz. - Made with 100% raw Lacaune sheep's milk, this cheese has a delicate, creamy taste. It is a smooth, soft-textured cheese with an elegant natural Roquefort green mold. Year after year, this cheese is a gold medal winner throughout France. It is matured for 120 days in family owned French grottos or "Grottes" in Roquefort, France.

Jansal Valley® Blue Crusted Goat Cheese, 2 x 8 oz. - Handmade in small batches fresh for Sid Wainer & Son®, this cheese is made using pasteurized goat's milk and cured for two weeks. This artisanal cheese is the perfect blend of spicy blue mold and creamy fresh goat's milk. Jansal Valley® Blue Crusted Goat Cheese ripens from the outside in. The paste just under the blue green crust becomes soft as the middle of the cheese stays firm and creamy.

L'essence du Fromage® Hommage Bleu, 16 oz - This goat's milk bleu cheese is one of Holland's most unique cheeses. L'essence du Fromage® Hommage Bleu is a pasteurized goats' milk cheese that is aged for six months. Its aging gives this cheese a distinct sharp flavor. The sharp flavor and smooth texture make it ideal for cheese presentations and a must for salads, tapas and small plates.

Kilchurn Estate® Stilton, 16 oz. - Almost three hundred years later, and it's still Britain's favorite cheese! Our Kilchurn Estate® Stilton is the very best. It is a creamy, ivory milk cheese with a hued, unique flavor and texture. Delicate blue veins radiate from the center of this pasteurized cow's milk cheese. Our Stilton matures for eight months. It is lighter than Gorgonzola and richer than Danish Blue Cheese.

Domaine de Provence® Stoned Wheat Crackers, 8.8 oz. - Stoned wheat from the world's leading farms make these delicious crackers the perfect accompaniment to this cheese collection.