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Jansal Valley® Black Truffle Burrata

8 oz.
SKU: 323730-BC

Highly coveted black truffles are combined into fresh cheese and cream for a unique combination of buttery and earthy flavors.  The ultimate decadent addition, this is perfect served as is, with bread for a first course, or stir into warm, fresh pasta for a remarkable finish.

One 8 ounce package is comprised of two 4 ounce pieces.

Burrata is a special form of fresh cheese in which curd is stretched by hand into stracciatelli then submerged in cream and enveloped in a mozzarella pouch.  This exquisite cheese is rich, creamy, and brimming with fresh milk flavor.  All of our burratas begin with fresh, pasteurized whole cow's milk locally sourced from New England farms.  Our artisan cheese maker was born and raised in Puglia, Italy, the birth place of this extra special variety of mozzarella.  He uses traditional techniques to transform the cheese and cream into our burratas.