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Sid Wainer & Son Wins sofi™ Awards Finalist Trophy - Deemed Top Honor within the National Food Industry

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Jansal Valley® Boneless Prosciutto Toscano D.O.P.

Contact: Mia Germain, Marketing Specialist
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New Bedford, MA (May 25, 2016) – Sid Wainer & Son’s Jansal Valley® Boneless Prosciutto Toscano D.O.P. has placed as a finalist for the category of Outstanding Best New Product in the 2016 Specialty Food Association’s sofi™ Award competition.

Since 1972, the Specialty Food Association has recognized culinary brilliance through the Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation Awards, or familiarly known as the sofi™ Awards. Those who hold a sofi™ Award title serve as ambassadors for the specialty food industry and embody the best of what their business has to offer.

The Jansal Valley® Boneless Prosciutto Toscano D.O.P. was awarded a sofi™ Finalist Trophy within the Specialty Food Association’s most competitive category of Outstanding Best New Product. Out of 777 entries in this category, the handcrafted Boneless Prosciutto’s incomparable high quality ingredients and robust, rich flavors surely did not disappoint in the blind taste test. Each entry was carefully assessed by knowledgeable food professionals, chefs and culinary experts who grew a fondness for our savory, aged Tuscan Prosciutto.  

Sid Wainer & Son is truly honored to be recognized as a sofi™ Award recipient, “We are thrilled to be a sofi™ finalist. Our Jansal
Valley® D.O.P Prosciutto is a creation from the finest producer in Tuscany. The 24 step curing process and 400 day aging process distinguishes our Tuscan Prosciutto from others. This incredible product is a result of a tradition dating back to the 1400s,” says Henry Wainer, president and owner of Sid Wainer & Son.

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About Sid Wainer & Son

Sid Wainer & Son was founded in 1914 by Henry Wainer in historical New Bedford, MA. Our company is extremely passionate about specialty produce and foods, and providing high quality products to our customers. Using techniques and recipes that are centuries old, we continue our success and industry leadership.