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Joe Colletti

Corporate Chef

“I just love what I do,” says Joe Colletti, Corporate Chef for Sid Wainer & Son. It is a simple, yet powerful sentiment that runs deep throughout the company and its passionate staff of food specialists. Joe is a professional chef who studied culinary arts at the New York Institute of Technology and worked as an executive chef in restaurants for over ten years in New York City before joining Sid Wainer & Son in 2008.

Growing up in Queens, NY, Joe’s childhood home was next door to specialty and ethnic markets, exposing him to the finest and most diverse foods available. After working a summer restaurant job while studying medicine at Columbia University, Joe decided to pursue his passion and switch careers to the culinary arts. He found that feeding people brought him joy and made others happy.

At Sid Wainer & Son, Joe has worn several hats; his responsibilities ranging from sales and marketing to the development of our retail facilities, and kitchens, to hosting numerous cooking classes and food presentations. “I can walk a chef through our store and in ten minutes they have enough ideas to write their menu for the season,” says Joe, smiling. “Our products have the absolute finest, yet most simple ingredients,” he explains as the key to their unparalleled success. When asked his personal favorite Sid Wainer & Son product, Joe has a hard time deciding. “It’s like being a kid in a candy store, he says, “I can’t pick just one!”