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Smoked Meats

Smoked Meats

Cured slowly and smoked and spiced to perfection using old family methodology and only the best meats.  A flavorful appetizer or savory addition to any cold salad, sandwich, pizza or pasta dish.

  • $87.92

    Made with all local ingredients, this sweet and salty deli meat complements almost any sandwich.

    8 lb. avg.
  • $87.92

    This premium deli meat brings a sweet and smokey touch to traditional Black Forest ham.

    8 lb.
  • $83.93

    This premium deli meat is boneless, nitrate free, and full of smokey, sweet, and salty flavors.

    7 lb.
  • $119.92

    Our all natural turkey breast is perfect for slicing and using in a light sandwich with whole grain bread, our whole grain mustard, and more.

    8 lb. avg.
  • $39.98

    Cooked in the traditional French method with only Muscovy ducks, the Kilchurn Estate Duck Confit will melt in your mouth. It is perfect to pair with risotto or potatoes to soak up the savory juices.

    2 lb. avg.
  • $16.99

    This traditionally Italian salted meat has a velvety texture and impactful flavor.

    1 lb. avg.
  • $223.84

    Italian pork and mediterranean spices come together to create uniquely Italian flavor. A welcome addition to your charcuterie plate.

    16 lb. avg.
    Currently Unavailable
  • $47.97

    This specialty meat adds a modern, American touch to classic pancetta flavors. Try adding it into soups or braised greens.

    3 lb. avg.
  • $13.99

    Try this premium deli meat on a sanwich, complementing the smoked flavor with Kilchurn Estate®'s traditional Dijon mustard.

  • $19.99

    This lean, tasty meat is extremely versatile pairs with a large range of ingredients and seasonings.

    12 oz. avg.
  • $8.24

    This is a particularly fatty and flavor-packed cut of pork and is seasoned in Louisiana style: spicy and peppery. Use it as a base for stews or braised vegetables, in pasta or crabcakes, or simply on its own.

    1 lb.