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Maple Products

Maple Products

Made from the finest maple syrup in the United States, our maple butter, mustards, and syrups are an enchanting addition to toasted breads, hot pastries or as a sugar substitute while cooking for baking.

  • $2.89

    Made in the USA this is a grade A medium amber maple syrup. Try using it as a glaze for acorn or red curry squash, or a sweetener in mashed butternut squash.

  • $16.69

    Made in the USA, this recipe has been prepared since the Civil War using only the finest maple syrup. Try as an ice cream topping, on game or fowl, or simply spread on toasted bread or hot pastries.

    8 oz.
  • $16.99

    Use this 100% pure and natural evaporated maple sugar to add flavor and sweetness. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, heat, and humidity.

    16 oz.