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About Us

As a child riding in his grandfather’s truck around New Bedford, Massachusetts, Henry Wainer helped his family sell fruits and vegetables and visited local farmers whom they considered to be friends. Throughout the years, those visits grew into partnerships with a resolve to support the local farming community.

Since our company’s inception in 1914, we have cultivated deep connections with New England farmers. Our ability to source the freshest, highest quality and most unique products has helped to define Sid Wainer & Son as the premier supplier of specialty produce, specialty foods, fine artisanal cheeses, and charcuterie to retailers, restaurants, and the hospitality industry. Now, consumers throughout America can shop where the chefs shop and purchase many of our finest products through our online retail store.

Passion, quality and service are the essence of Sid Wainer & Son


What has enabled our company to grow and thrive for the past century? Put simply, it is our passion for food, farming, and fine dining. It’s no secret that we love sourcing and sharing great food, but it is our dedication to quality and our commitment to our customers’ needs that have made Sid Wainer & Son the choice for famous chefs from around the world. Passion, quality, and service are the essence of Sid Wainer & Son—from our past to the present—and will continue into our future.