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Sid Wainer & Son® Universal Cheese Selection

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Universal Cheese Selection, Serves 56, 2.5 oz portions

The flavors in our Universal Cheese Selection span from sharp to mild with textures ranging from velvety soft to firm and hard. These handcrafted products are of unmatched quality and taste and are made with the highest quality milks available.

L'essence du Fromage® Chevre Extraordinaire, 2.2 lbs. Wheel - This is a sublime, soft-ripened goat cheese. It has a hexagonal shape and a Brie-style rind which lends itself to many presentations. This double cream pasteurized goat's milk brie is made for Sid Wainer & Son® in the Rhone-Alpes region of France. It is a mild, delicate cheese with a creamy texture. This cheese is aged for two weeks in the cellars of French cheesemakers.

L'essence du Fromage® Danish Blue Cheese, 1/4 Wheel Cut, approximately 2 lbs. - This remarkable cheese produced in the eastern most region of Denmark, made from pasteurized cow's milk and aged five to six weeks. It is perfect for crumbling on your favorite salad. This cheese has greenish blue veins throughout and possesses a mild, yet tangy blue cheese flavor.

L'essence du Fromage® Rouge Affinee, 2 x 5 oz. Wheels - Produced exclusively for Sid Wainer and Son®, this cheese is made from pasteurized whole milk from Jersey and Holstein cows. Soft and creamy with buttery overtones which give way to a complex, spicy tone, it is artisanally produced in America. Hand-ladled to create its size and shape, its natural rind has a rouge blush with a slight hazing.

Kilchurn Estate® V Majestic Cheddars, 1/4 Wheel Cut, approximately 1.25 lbs. - A beautiful handcrafted artisanal pasteurized cow's milk cheese produced in England. V Majestic Cheddars is aged a minimum of nine months. Five layers include: Wensleydale, Farmhouse Traditional Cheddar, Double Gloucester, Red Leicester, and White Derby. Five great cheeses, five different layers, all put together for a great statement on your cheeseboard.

Fondo di Toscana® Fresh Pecorino Cheese, 1/2 Wheel Cut, approximately 2 lbs. - This cheese is made from fresh pasteurized sheep's milk exclusively for Sid Wainer & Son®, in Tuscany. This mild, creamy, firm paste cheese is perfect when paired with fresh fruit and a drizzle of one of our honeys. Pecorino translates to "little sheep" in Italian. This Pecorino is made using pasteurized ewe's milk and is cured for 45 days.

Southcoast Farms Roquefort Crusted Cow's Milk Cheese, 2 x 5 oz. Wheels - This truly extraordinary cheese is made with 100% pure pasteurized Ayrshire cow's milk and crusted with Roquefort. It is aged for two weeks to develop its spicy rind. A camembert-style, soft and creamy cheese that is unique and delicious in every way.