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Domaine de Provence® Tomato and Espelette Pepper Vinegar

250 ml.
SKU: 206360-BC

Our Tomato & Espelette Vinegar is made using local, fresh French tomatoes and peppers. Instead of conventional distilled white vinegar, our Domaine de Provence® Tomato & Espelette Vinegar uses spirit vinegar, which is a stronger variety that enhances the dimension of flavor and makes this product truly unique. It's perfect for vinaigrettes and marinades; drizzle over greens or roasted meats for a delightful burst of flavor. You can also use it to season water when poaching fish or eggs. It's a wonderful product for gourmet salads as it pairs well with tomato and fresh mozzarella as well as goat cheese and prosciutto. The savory notes of tomato and the zesty spice of the Espelette transform ceviches and Bloody Marys to luxury level items.