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Sid Wainer & Son® Old World Cheese Selection

10 lb.
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Old World Cheese Selection, Serves 38. 2.5 oz portions

The range of colors and textures is simply delightful. An appetizing array of flavors is represented in this collection, which will assuredly delight the most accomplished of traditional cheese connoisseurs.

Kilchurn Estate® Farmhouse Cheddar, 2 x 8 oz. - This is our most widely consumed cheese. The color ranges from white to pale yellow with a sharp bold taste and crumbly texture. This traditional English cow's milk cheddar is farmstead style. Every aspect of the cheese is managed by the estate, from the pasture to the maturing cellars to the carefully controlled packaging process. Made using pasteurized cow's milk and aged for eight months. Kosher.

Kilchurn Estate® V Majestic Cheddars, 1/4 Wheel Cut, approximately 1.25 lbs. - A beautiful handcrafted artisanal pasteurized cow's milk cheese produced in England. V Majestic Cheddars is aged a minimum of nine months. Five layers include: Wensleydale, Farmhouse Traditional Cheddar, Double Gloucester, Red Leicester, and White Derby. Five great cheeses, five different layers, all put together for a great statement on your cheeseboard.

Kilchurn Estate® Stilton, 1/4 Wheel cut, approximately 2.25 lbs. - Almost three hundred years later, and it's still Britain's favorite cheese! Our Kilchurn Estate® Stilton is the very best. It is a creamy, ivory milk cheese with a hued, unique flavor and texture. Delicate blue veins radiate from the center of this pasteurized cow's milk cheese. Our Stilton matures for eight months. It is lighter than Gorgonzola and richer than Danish Blue Cheese.

Kilchurn Estate® Wensleydale with Cranberries, 1.5 lbs 1/4 Wheel - This classic English cheese is made using pasteurized cow's milk and is aged for six months. The addition of the sweet cranberries works beautifully with the Wensleydale's fresh acidity and crumbly texture, making for a unique taste experience.