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Fondo di Toscana® Essence of Figs Puree

250 ml.
SKU: 101940-BC

Long before honey was used to sweeten dishes, Calabrians use essence of figs puree made from summer fruit matured in the sun and rich in vitamins and minerals. The regional "Dottato" fig from Calabria is used and it has a soft, rich pulp and very few fine seeds. The figs are boiled at a low temperature with no preservatives or chemicals added so as to preserve the quality and freshness of the puree. The simplicity of the preparation enhances the flavor and taste and brings out the aroma of the figs. Use in place of honey and enjoy the aroma of the figs. Excellent as a dressing for cheese, on grilled vegetables or over salad. Makes for a great syrup on fresh fruit salad, to sweeten baked apples or pears, poured over ice cream and as a garnish over cake. For savory applications, use as a sauce on grilled steaks or other red meats in the oven.