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Jansal Valley® Ash Aged Camembert

5 oz.
SKU: 321080

Jansal Valley® Ash Aged Camembert is a soft-ripened cheese, meaning that as it ages its texture will change from crumbly to creamy and then finally to runny when brought to room temperature.  The delicate, creamy paste of this cheese is protected by a delicous, edible rind with a remarkable appearance.  Our cheese is aged in a thin layer of vegetable ash, which gives the cheese an excellent earthy flavor.

Distinct from other ash-coated cheeses, this camembert achives a balanced sweetness.  Because of the unique flavor profile, this cheese pairs well with red wines, unlike most cheeses of this type.  Try it as part of a cheeseboard or capture the creamy goodness, rind and all, onto a cracker and pair with a glass of Beaujolais.

This is a perishable product and is unable to be shipped via Ground.