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Tropicals & Exotics

Tropicals & Exotics

  • $45.99

    Smaller than a traditional mango, this fruit’s flesh is soft, sweet, and juicy with a sweet aroma. Try using this mango to sweeten smoothies, sautéed as an accompaniment to roasted meats, or made into sorbet.

    18/20 ct.
  • $10.99

    The fuzzy green outer skin of these almonds encases a unique inner flesh with a soft, jelly-like consistency and mild floral and fruity flavor. This fresh flavor works best when paired with lemon in entrées, seafood dishes, and more.

    1 lb.
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  • $111.99

    These round fruits are similar in composition and use to lychees. They have a shell, translucent grey pump, and jet black seed with a mysterious flavor of musk, spruce and gardenia. Try poaching them in a light syrup, peel and pit; and use in place of lychees or pitted cherries in any recipe.

    7 lb.
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  • $18.19

    Encased by a long-haired or spiky shell, the inner fruit is very similar to its relative, the lychee with a juicy milky-white flesh, with an almond-like, sweet flavor, although more acidic than the lychee. Best eaten fresh, these can be use in cocktails, fruit salads, or cooked down into syrup.