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Specialty Greens

Specialty Greens

  • $40.99

    The best way to enjoy the full health benefits of foodie-favorite wheatgrass is to enjoy it fresh from the soil. Packed soil-and-all, our Organic Wheatgrass is the perfect addition to juices and smoothies. The bright green blades are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fast-acting proteins. Compound these benefits down into a 2 oz. shot for an at-home health elixir. The striking tray is also an excellent decoration in home kitchens or smoothie bar counters. Try using it this football season as the perfect grass field. Just add goal posts and line markers for a fan-friendly centerpiece.

    5 lb.
  • $21.99

    Grown on our own farms, these pea greens showcase bright, clean flowers, ideal for the spring. These bright vines and vibrant leaves cook well in soups or simply sautéed with a little bit of olive oil then squirted with lemon juice.

    8 oz.