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Smoked Meat

Smoked Meat

  • $104.99

    *Jansal Valley® Sweet Sopressata
    *Jansal Valley® Spicy Sopressata
    *Jansal Valley® Fennel Salami
    *L'essence du Fromage® New England Cheddar Aged 1 Year
    *Domaine de Provence® Water Crackers (2)

    This exquisite collection of artisanal products offers a wide variety of flavors.  Our meats frange from spicy to sweet to herbal and we provide delicious sharp cheddar that pairs wonderfully with all three.

  • $124.99

    *Kilchurn Estate® Smoked Chicken Breast
    *Kilchurn Estate® Smoked Muscovy Duck Breast
    *Kilchurn Estate® Andouille Sausage
    *Jansal Valley® Smoked Tasso Pork
    *Jansal Valley® Applewood Smoked Country Bacon
    *Jansal Valley® New Hampshire Cob Smoked Country Bacon
    *Jansal Valley Pepper Crusted Bacon

    Turn any meal into a special occasion with our Kilchurn Estate® smoked meats, smoked with the finest hardwoods and prepared with traditional New England methods.

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