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These hard cheeses range in flavor from mild to sharp and are perfect for grating over pastas, salads, and soups or as a distinctive selection on cheese boards.

  • $125.93

    This whole cow's milk cheese is aged for three months in Asiago, Italy.

    7 lb.
  • $89.96

    This Italian pasteurized cow's milk cheese is made with the freshest cow's milk, providing a high butterfat content that results in a very flavorful cheese. Aged for one year, it has a sharp, salty tang.

    4.5 lb avg
  • $70.99

    This French semi-hard cheese is produced with 100% pasteurized sheep's milk and aged for five months. It has flavors of both herbs and fruits with slightly nutty undertones.

    1.5 oz
  • $111.96

    Produced from raw cow's milk, this French cheese is aged for 12 months and has a mild, sweet and slightly nutty flavor.

    4 lb.
  • $263.92

    This limited production pasteurized sheep's milk cheese is aged for 70 days in cellars in Tuscany before being placed in strong cloth bags and further matured in Tuscan wells.

    4 lb.
    Currently Unavailable
  • $34.49

    Crafted in the mountains of Spain, this is a young pasteurized cow's milk cheese that is aged for 40 days. It has a mild flavor and creamy mouthfeel.

  • $20.99

    This mild Portuguese cheese is created from a blend of 90% Holstein and Jersey cow's milk with a 10% combination of equal parts sheep and goat' milk for added flavor.

    650g avg
    Currently Unavailable
  • $71.97

    This Spanish cheese is made with pasteurized goat's milk, dried and immersed in local Murcia wine before being cured for 75 days.

  • $43.99

    Handcrafted in France by an artisan cheesemaker, this cheese is made using 100% pasteurized cow's milk and is cellar-aged for 80 days.

    17 oz.
    Currently Unavailable
  • $62.97

    This whole pasteurized cow's milk is aged for 12 months, resulting in a savory and hearty cheese.

  • $29.98

    This pasteurized sheep's milk cheese has a pure white exterior along with a dense texture.

  • $17.99

    This washed-rind cheese is made with raw goat's milk fresh from the farm. It is aged 60 days to accomplish a balanced, yet complex flavor.

    8 oz.
  • $12.99

    This sharp Portuguese cheese is made using pasteurized Holstein and Jersey cow's milk and aged for three months.

    650g avg
    Currently Unavailable
  • $37.49

    This Italian cheese is a semi-firm, pasteurized sheep's milk cheese, cured with salt, and aged for 60 days in natural grottos on beech wood boards.