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Our anchovies come from Southern Italy where the water is calm, creating one of the richest seafood areas in the Mediterranean Sea.

Produced using ancient traditions and handcrafting techniques to ensure the highest level of quality, freshness and taste.

  • $25.89

    We've brought these anchovies home to you, harvested from the purest water of the Adriatic Sea that surrounds the southwestern tip of Italy.

    8.4 oz.
  • $13.19

    Our anchovy paste is imported directly from Italy. Employ this simple, authentic condiment in appetizers and sauces for unmistakable flavor.

    8 oz.
  • $24.79

    Whether you prefer them on top of your salad, deep-fried with a dipping sauce, or on your grilled pizza, these white anchovies of Italy are, by far, the finest in the world.